Here’s what I do!

About Me

Events Photography – club | birthday | festival | private functions

I work closely with select hospitality, corporate function providers, commercial and lifestyle festival promoters, light and sound for-hire companies, private families and general events promoters located in the greater Brisbane area.

How may I be of assistance?

Bars & Clubs

Boost your existing social media reach and event attendance with quality image galleries. Exclusive content creation drives patron engagement with your brand.

Festivals and Concerts

Specialised stage and lighting photography for multi-day boutique and commercial music festivals.

Social & Stage

Photographic services for private functions and events including wedding receptions, baby showers and birthday parties

Additional Services

Facebook uploads

Add me as a Contributor to your Facebook page and I’ll upload photos and prepare your gallery.

Your Photos

I use Dropbox for delivery of galleries, let me know if you prefer Google Drive or another cloud storage provider of your choice.

Image Watermarking

Need me to add your corporate logo or graphics to the image as a watermark? Can do!

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